Voice 2 Sign Language Prototype

I still have to tell you so much about the maker faire in Rome! It has been an incredibly interesting occasion to see and learn. We also brought a small project Jonathan and Enrique have been working on, with the help of a software programmer.

Tha robotic hand, designed by Jonathan in OpenSCAD, is powered by an Arduino and a Raspberry pi and translates letters and numbers given through the microphone in hand gestures.

IMG 3066

The project has been challenging: Jonathan has designed the hand choosing to avoid screws in the fingers, that are printed (in ABS) already assembled. The hand is then powered by a series of servo motors that enables it to perform the majority of movements needed for the sign language. 

During the faire we also met some deaf visitors that were very curious towards the project and happy that there was interest in these problems.

IMG 3134

The microphone we took with us was catching too much noise so we had a lot of difficulties during the faire to show how the hand responded to the voice signals, so have a look at the video Enrique made some days before where you can see it in action.

And a second video on the project during the makerfaire

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