ultimaker assembly: day 1

Ready, steady go! 

The wiki is extremely accurate and full of pictures, so let’s start building our ultimaker

 The first section is for the frame, and these are the pieces we need.

IMG 7902

Most of the frame is built using this kind of nut-bolt system, and one of the things my dear friend Daniel has taught me is to use some tape to secure the bolts, so they don’t fall down when you have to disassemble something.

 IMG 7903IMG 7908

I really liked the fact they etched the symbol of some of the pieces on the laser cut wood, so you have some instructions built right into the frame.

IMG 7904

IMG 7905

Another nice thing is the cable organizer, made of something similar to kite cloth.

IMG 7906

And here it is, the first step assembled :)

IMG 7907

Second section: X-Y motors

This was easy, and the cable organizer works fine for keeping everything out of the way in the next steps.

IMG 7909

Third section: X-Y axes

The section opens with the advice of starting out fully caffeinated and/or relaxed, and it is trickier: the bearings fit nicely and the rods slide in easily, but building the small blocks is annoying. 

IMG 7910

Read carefully the text when choosing which block to slide on which rod, for example 
15. Now take the BACK sliding block and slide it on the axis, text readable and the text facing RIGHT side of the machine.

has caused us a couple of re-runs because we read it once as the back block, the second time as the right block… Read twice, screw it on once!

IMG 7912

Fourth section: the extrusion head

Hated it!!! 
The wooden housing didn’t want to fit in the wooden plate, the cables kept slipping and all of it kept rotating around. YUCK 

IMG 7913

we had nothing that could write on the stupid bowden tube as they were asking and I’m still wondering if the belt has the right tension.
On the other hand, the fan duct is nice and well designed.

 Fifth step: The Z stage

This was annoying! The linear bearing should be nicely enclosed in 8 different pieces of wood. In their images it looks so nice and easy, but the wooden parts are too tight and need some sanding to make it fit.

IMG 7918

Screwing it all up is awful, and it looks like it’s impossible to align all the pieces, but in the end, it looks like the one in the wiki

IMG 7919

IMG 7920


End of day 1. I worked with a dear friend of mine for roughly 10 hours.

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