Twisted box shape

So this is the first finished real 3d object I’ve printed using PLA that turned out really nice. I want to make the lid too but I’m so smart I forgot to write down if I’ve changed the size of the object before printing and I will never get the right proportion for the lid. Yuck.

I guess it’ll remain lid-less :(

IMG 6912

Anyhow it turned out almost perfect, just skipped a single row on one side. The other experiment was with a light blue PLA filament also coming from reprapwordl but he started skipping rows and ended like this…

IMG 6907

Before printing again we cleaned the stepper motor that wasn’t gripping the thread too well and oiled some more the axis.

A thank to wizard23 for his wonderful boxes, I hope to try out the others too asap!

IMG 6913

Build finishedNewImage

Twisted box shape 1

made with transparent PLA, bought by  reprapworld

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