trial and error…error…error

Christmas break! And some time to 3d print. Now the printrbot is finally working decently, with one pretty nice bolt and nut piece that screws up,after a lot of calibration cubes as you can see!

IMG 7225IMG 7281


But finally it was the right moment to try the yoda vase I really wanted to print with my TOM. BUT…
the vase is poorly drawn, the author has indeed printed one but I can’t see how, because there are some polygon problems where the small figure inside the vase intersects the rest of it. After a lot of adjusting we finally managed to correct it, and tried a calibration cube just for safety.

And my TOM produced the most perfect calibration cube I have ever seen. no errors, no warping, no wobbly angles… and then during the various Yoda-tries it stopped extruding correctly. So now it extrudes with the manual input, but refuses with any other file.

It WILL drive me crazy… 

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