Trame: the science exhibition. First day!

After a lot of printing and preparation, yesterday we moved the entire lab to the “Salone degli incanti”. The amount of stuff we had to pack and move was enormous, and I’m already trembling at the idea of moving it all back in ;)

IMG 1654

IMG 1658

And believe it or not, after some hours… we had a fully working lab with 8 computers to try all the software, 6 printers going most of the time and….

DSC 6750DSC 6754

our 3d scanning station

IMG 1667

We had a great fun with the scanner Skanect had some glitches but overall it worked fine, we also had some curious scans like the small dog (but he wouldn’t stand still enought unluckily).

DSC 6771DSC 6773

All the scans can be seen at and on the ICTP news you can also read the article.

More pictures tomorrow!

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