TOM to the rescue

Finally I had some time to try and understand why my Thing-O-Matic is acting weirdly. Something is wrong with the connector to the heated plate, so it just shuts down after some time because it overheats. But PLA now works fine, so I managed to print some objects.

ReplicatorG on Thing-o-matic, Angry fish clip by Holoped

IMG 2263

IMG 2232

time 46min
infill 10%
layer height 0.27
number of shells 1
Glow in the dark PLA by Faberdashery Glowbug yellow

Space invaders earrings, by JBFromOZ

Same settings, Pearl white PLA by Faberdashery

IMG 2259

Desk ornament by pmoews

Same settings, Pearl White PLA Faberdashery

IMG 2286

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