the Solidoodle is here

Finally, after an extremely long wait for the shipment and for the duty complications, we received the solidoodle :)

Unpacking time!

IMG 9848

IMG 9849

IMG 9851

IMG 9853

IMG 9852

IMG 9856

IMG 9859

First impressions: we chose the expert version: the base model just has the acrilc bed for 499$, the pro model adds the heated bed, interior lights and upgraded power supply for 599$ and the expert model has an outer cover and acrilic door for 699$.

While investing in the pro model could be a good choice (anyhow buying the spare parts to add a heated platform will cost quite a bit) choosing the expert model is useless, and those 100$ could be spent much better in filament or other things. The difference is just an acrilic door with 2 hinges and a small magnet (that detaches all the time) and a piece of sheet metal that you have to unscrew if you want to easily change the filament…

We will post a full review asap, up till now I can say that it’s a nice printer, the price is fair but it certainly¬†does not print “out of the box

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