Sweet sweet printing

There is always a lot of discussion on the plastics used for 3d printing and if they are really food safe or not.

Well this time the food safety of the final product is certain, because we are talking sugar! The Candyfab can create objects out of low-melting point materials including sugar. They have been working on it for a couple of years and recently had very goos results with improved resolution. Not for sale yet, but something to keep an eye on in the future.




But if you think printing sugar is nice, what do you think of printing macaroons? Personally I’ve never been able to cook macaroons in an oven. You need a very good oven with stable temperatures, and patience (I seem to be lacking both of these in this period!) But 3d printing in coming to the rescuer, and sculpt is now experimenting with macaroons. Also in this case it’s not additive printing but selective laser sintering, tuning the laser to create a meringue out of the flour, sugar, eggs and almond mixture. Now the real fun begins, with famous cooks exploring the possibilities this new gadget can give them.


But this is not the only food related printing project, there is potato printing, this time using a “standard” 3d printer with a syringe-like extruder. 


and in Cornell University’s Computational Synthesis Lab they have been using other materials like cheese and chocolate. Though their future where for an apple pie in which: ”You can imagine a 3D printer making homemade apple pie without the need for farming the apples, fertilizing, transporting, refrigerating, packaging, fabricating, cooking, serving and the need for all of the materials in these processes like cars, trucks, pans, coolers, etc,” really doesn’t appeal me. (via BBC news and CBC news)



And let me finish with the greatest of them all: chocolate. This time you don’t need to wait: the future is now! chocolate 3d printing starts in this moment if you reach for your credit card and cash out almost 3,000$.

Ok, it’s not really affordable, but maybe the prices will get lower in the future as they did for standard plastic printers, the result though are exciting, and you can have a look at the videos on youtube. And in the meanwhile, you can have a go with the icing bag or buy the finished product from them ;) NewImage

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