second day at Trame!

The second day at the science fair was exhausting but very satisfactory.

IMG 1679

We chose to focus our short trainings on math and fashion, showing people many interesting uses of 3D printing for design, jewellry, art… We had alook at software you could use to create unique objects starting from simple shapes or from mathematical functions, and gave all the participants the opportunity to use one of the web apps on cubify to personalize a small ring.

IMG 1691

IMG 1686

And obviously more more and more scans! We finally managed to overcome the problems with the light, and now we are getting better results.

IMG 1696

Unfortunately there is no time to print out the resulting scans, this is the only one we managed to do.

IMG 1698Screenshot 03 08 13 14 04

The day ended woth the wonderful talk by Alessandro Ranellucci, the author of Slic3r  and our friend.

IMG 1690

The room was packed, and the concepts of open source and open hardware were completely new to many of the paticipants that were fascinated by this approach.

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