second day at the workshop

The second day was opened by 2 of the workshop organizers: Carlo Fonda started with a lecture on the actual limitations and promises of 3d printing while Marco Zennaro discussed with the participants the documentary on the creation of the Arduino board, the brain and soul of some 3D printers

Arduino The Documentary  2010 English HD on Vimeo

Right after Gregor Luetolf from Bern, accompanied by his friend the rooster, fascinated everyone with his experience in 3D printing in the schools: choosing and building the printers, teaching to the school children how to use the software, the first failures and successes and finally the project GüggelTown, where the 14-15 year old children sketched, designed with the 3d modelling software and printed out a whole town. He finished his lecture showing his octoPrint-controlled 3D printer, that printed a nice strech band 700km from here.

IMG 9343

Louise Leakey after the coffe break gave a wonderful lecture on the possibilities given by 3D printing and other new technologies to widespread the importance of the prehistoric collections. She took with her a 3d printed replica of a skull and a laser cut version in cardboard to underline the educational significance of this medium. She also showed the virtual museum african fossils that enhables people from all over the world to visit Kenya and it’s incredible fossils. 

IMG 9359 

Alessandro Ranellucci closed the morning session with an extremely interesting lecture on Slic3r, showing tips and tricks to calibrate the printer, how to correct the most common problems and the future implementations. 

IMG 9360

After luch Valentina Colla opened the session with a different kind of 3D printers: huge machines capable of printing small houses that can then be used everywhere: under the sea, on the earth or even on the moon.

IMG 9366

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to slicing and printing software: Carlo Fonda described the features of netfabb Basic and MeshLab, Daniel Pietrosemoli continued with Skeinforge and Makerware and Gaia Fior finished with Cura and Repetier-Host.

IMG 9368

After coffe break it was time to try the printers, slice the objects and test the designs. The participants were so enthusiastic that we kept the lab opened till late in the night…

IMG 9390

IMG 9392

IMG 9372

And Antonio Giacomin has a second video already on youtube to sum op the second day at the workshop!

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