Printing the bricks of life…and matter

As I was tellng in the last post we are getting ready for a science fair, and we have been choosing objects to print that are suitable. What can be more suitable than the basis of life? I already printed a bunch (100?) of DNA bases some months ago, but Carlo told me he wanted to do thing BIG, so off to the printer for a 2xDNA.

IMG 1466

We changed to 2 shells and left the rest as in the original print, we are using the CB printer because the Replicator is busy printing cubes. It’s a slow job (roughly 40min for printing 2 elements) but it sure looks impressive.  

IMG 1477

And after the bricks of life, why not the bricks of matter? ;)

IMG 1481

Some days ago greengiant83 posted a Gold atom on Thingiverse, and soem days after his interesting idea was improved by roman_hegglin that posted a Costumizer with ALL the elements! With some research I found out that there is a color convention in chemistry, so we are trying to stick to that and we are using all the small leftovers of plastic. The idea is to have them all suspended with nylon threads and slowly revolving…

Right now it’s just in my head, but I’m working on the printed parts and then we will have to try the display. Lots to do!

IMG 1484

IMG 1520

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