Printing skulls

The files have been provided by Louise Leakey, and the 3d rendering is visible on the website african fossils.

First experiment: skull KNEMER1813

Makerware, PLA, standard settingsKNMER1813 obj

It was printing fine but halfway through the object got separated from the raft (that had sticked perfectly to the bed)
New experiment changing in the slicing profile the “raftInterfaceWidth” to 14mm (maybe a little too much!)  and the “raftModelSpacing” to 0.19 (from 0.21) so to achieve a better bond. 

IMG 3918

Second experiment: ER 3733 

Cura 13.06.5
Layerheight 0.15, shell thickness 0.4
support everywhere, raft
 Cura  13 06 5

The raft lays out only where the object will be, so the first layer of support is too high and won’t stick. Yuck. Trying again with support but only brim…

IMG 3926

Not bad at all, though the support was a bit annoying to scrape away.

IMG 3933

And where the support was the surface is not that good, you really see the difference but we already had that problem with the same plastic (Faberdashery white PLA) before.

IMG 3937

IMG 3940



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