printer’s problems

Back to the usual office, we are forced to face the problems with our makerbots…

My Thing o Matic has been acting wierdly in the last months, but I had too much to do to take my time to fix it. When using ABS it just stops when reachign a certain (misterious for me) temperature, and when using PLA (so no more issues if it were just the heated platform) it stops extruding. The software shows the correct temperatures but I’m wondering if it’s really heating up…so today with a thermometer we will try checking that.

The replicator “died” right after the science fair (luckily!) because the connector at the base of the heated platform burnt.

IMG 1842

After some quick soldering…

IMG 1846

We also opened a ticket with Makerbot as it seems a fairly common problem. Anyhow now it works and heats nicely.

And sadly, the same connector on my TOM doesn’t look that nice either…

IMG 1847

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