Our 3d scans at Trame

The science fair has ended, we scanned 120 participants that can be now viewed on our website 3d.ictp.tv

We used Scanekt, and it worked almost all the time fine, although at some point it crashed the computer and we had to reinstall it on another one to finish the job. I particularly like the fact it keeps all the raw files so when it crashes or if you are not happy with the end result, uou can recover everything and start again.

We set up a rotating chair to help with the scanning, and it was quite a task (involving some sawing, openscad drawing and a lot of calculations and hammering?).  DSC 6784

In the end the scanning could be made by just one person, that had to start skanect and switch on the motor of the chair.

DSC 6790

DSC 6801

On the last day we also had a short training after the usual explanations on what is 3d printing and what you can do with it, and chose to focus it on “digital sculpting”. So we imported the scans (obj files) into Sculptris, giving everyone the opportunity to modify their own scan and (finally) having the chance to make them slimmer (as many asked us when we were making the 3d scans!).

DSC 6822

We only had the chance to print a couple of themIMG 1721IMG 1720IMG 1735IMG 1737

IMG 1729

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