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Carlo has been repeatedly printing the ok hand after seeing it on display at one of the booths of the 3d printshow in London. Paul Candler was present and showing some incredibly detailed works made using Netfabb with a 20 micron layer height. He was kind enough to give him one of the ok hands to bring home and we have been comparing prints made with the TOM, the Replicator and the CB-printer to see just how much ours suck in comparison.


So now that my TOM is working excellently, we tried launching the hand, but it stopped halfway through because Replicator G just froze. Yes, I should be printing from the SD card but it gives me some problems so I alway get fed up and print with the usb cable…

Second attempt: the thing shifted halfway through and I ended up with half hand on one side and the other on the other side.

Third attempt: same as the second, I’m getting quite annoyed…

Fourth attempt after more oiling, checking the belt tension and lowering the speed (no more accelerate print for now). Success!!!

IMG 6931

The detail level is pretty good, nothing compared to Candler’s one but I haven’t got the same technology or dedication he has, so I’m very happy with myself.

As a comparison here you can see the other ones: 

green from the CB-printer, orange obviously by Candler’s Ultimaker (20 micron), white and grey one’s from the Replicator

PhotoPhoto 1

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