new slicers!!

I leave the computer for a week, and all my favourite slicing softwares have updated!

Cura has launched il 13.06 version, the interface remains clean and easy but now the slicer is super fast and works continuously in the background. 

No more separate Cura planner, now you can just domp the objects on the main paltforma and re-arrenage them as it pleases you. It’s lightning fast and the results look very good with my first experiment.

NB: the 13.06.4 crashes on all our osx computers, while the 13.06.3 works fine. If you have already installed the 13.06.3 do not upgrade (or at least don’t throw away th eold installer!).

Screenshot 26 06 13 11 51

Ultimaker has released the new Makerware 2.2.1

The raft has changed radically and now peels off much better, (in black the new one, in grey the old one) but sometimes the raft is incomplete and just prints out partially.

IMG 0642

Another strange thing that happend is that some objects were only partially printed, and the slicer “forgot” some of the top layers in some parts of the objects. Here you clearly see that one part of the object has not been closed, and printing it again (using the same file) gave different results.

IMG 0643

And we have a new Firmware 7.3.0

Added print time to the interface board during prints. The interface now toggles between print percentage and print time.
Users can now swap filament at specific layers by using the Z Pause Height option during prints.
Small text display bugs in the LCD interface have been fixed
During mid-print filament changes the stepper motors now lock to prevent the extruder from becoming misaligned
Changing filament during a print will now timeout after 15 minutes and turn into a cold pause
Added better error handling for heater errors

And last, but not least, Slic3r has reached 0.9.10b. Many improvements, many interesting features but my favourite is the  ”spiral vase” option, that works similarly to the Joris setting for Cura. It is particularly useful when printing single layered vases because the Z height moves continuously in a spiral fashion avoiding the bumps of a normal Z increase. I just love this feature and pointed out to Alessandro Ranellucci that it was a pity it wasn’t present in Slic3r. Alessandro answered “no problem, I’ll add it” and here it is. Lovely!!

The wonderful thing is that now Slic3r is compatible with Makerbot, so we can start using again the dual extruder with different types of filaments. Hurray for Alessandro!Screenshot 26 06 13 12 25

New features:
Experimental “Wipe” feature that retracts while moving back along last path (useful for Bowden extruders)
New “spiral vase” option for extruding while raising Z continuously (works with any number of solid layers)
Automatic version check
New option to remember last output directory
New command line –autosave for better integration with host software (automatically export configuration to a given file)
Memory usage was reduced enormously thanks to fixed memory leaks in upstream libraries
Many speed improvements (also thanks to J. Vincent and M. Hindness)
Bridge overlap was reduced to improve bridging
Rectilinear and line infill is now aligned across layers
Brim loops are ordered in a smarter way
Limit “Only Retract When Crossing Perimeters” to travel moves that are completely encosed in the upper layer’s slices so that we avoid visible traces on top layers
When fill density is 0, don’t extend solid layers and ignore Solid Infill Every ‘n’ Layers
The inwards move at the end of an external loop only takes place when we have more than one perimeter
Generate a better error when input file is too thin and no layers could be generated
Better compatibility with MakerBot/MakerWare and Sailfish G-code flavors (including dual extrusion)
Order objects using a nearest neighbor search instead of relying on the order in plater
Use G1 instead of G0 for restart after retraction to avoid problems with Mach3 blending it with previous travel move
The “Disable fan for first ‘n’ layers” is now applied even if cooling is disabled, just like “Fan always on”
Concentric infill order was reversed so that smaller loops are printed at the end
The “makerbot” G-code flavor was renamed to “makerware”

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