Nervous system

The thing I love of 3d printing is the possibility to create stuff that would be (almost) impossible otherwise. Though making substituting parts when something breaks or personalizing things sure if fun (and useful) the real deal for me is to create something that can’t be easily crafted using other kind of techniques.

And the perfect example are the creations of Nervoussystem. A very inventive couple founded this small company that draws and creates organic 3d sculptures that can be worn or displayed.
True works of art, they  are inspired by nature and their objects resemble trees, honeycombs and basic cell structures. The really cool thing is that you can be part of the creative process by using their very intuitive web apps to personalize the object. When we are happy with the result we can just choose the material we want it to be made from and after paying just wait for our one of a kind creation.

 Radiolaria  a biologically inspired design app by Nervous System 1

Cell Cycle webGL design app  a dynamic physible on Vimeo

vimeo video

Or if you don’t feel like doing it by yourself, you can choose from their shop and just get crazy deciding which one you prefer.

Nervous System | Shop Nervous System | Shop 1

Many of their objects files can be downloaded from Thingiverse for free, but they certainly are not the right kind of print to try out your new machine. 

Nervoussystem s Things  Thingiverse

My attempt with the famous cellular lamp was a bit of a failure (even though much of the fault was mine, I unplugged the machine by mistake while printing…) but on thingiverse you can have a look at much more successful attempts.

Next time, more of my favorite 3d designers for jewelry and house ware.

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