Microscope adapter

One of the really cool things of 3D printing in my opinion is the possibility to design adapters for anything. You can finally use something you already have home and adapt it without having to buy new stuff all the time. For instance supports to clamp to your bike for the torch, or for a webcam you bought years ago and now want to stick to something. Or maybe an aquarium feeder you want to adapt to your new aquarium like this one


 One really nice thing I downloaded from thingiverse and printed some time ago is an adapter for the microscope, to attach any kind of smartphone and take pictures of videos of the speciments.

IMG 9999

IMG 0001

We printed it with ABS on the Replicator, and glued (with ABS juice) the T shaped piece to the other C shaped one (the guy who designed it had a smaller build platform and had to print 2 separate pieces).

This is how it looks on our microscope

IMG 0009

And this is our (horrible) picture of some Ulva lactuca cells. I had nothing nicer to try it out with, sorry.

 IMG 0007

The resulting image is awful, I know, but the attachment works fine and we will try with some other speciment in the future.

Thanks to ggoss, you can download his Universal Camera Phone/Microscope Adapter on thingiverse and try it out, I think it would be extremely useful for a school to share one microscope with many students.



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