Math prints!

Makerbot has announced it’s intention bring 3d printers in the schools through it’s Makerbot academy program, and launched the visual maths challenge. One of the first really interesting designs (that got featured immediately!) is as always from Gyrobot. He made a Seesaw Maths to teach addition, subtraction, division and multiplication by means of small weights added on a beam.

We printed it right away and it also gave us the possibility to check the settings of our ultimaker that has been printing really awfully recently.

IMG 5103

The printer is really unreliable and frequently gives a spongy finish to the object. We tried changing manually the temperature and speed of the printer while making the small weights to check the effect, and it really is interesting to see how much these 2 variables change the finished object.

Changing just the temperature

IMG 5093

Changing the speed while keeping the temperature at 220°CIMG 5095

IMG 5094

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