Makerbot, Ultimaker and Cb printer: customer support comparison

3d printers are fun, but you will eventually have problems and will have to write to the customer support to solve them. Maybe after months of faithful usage like it happend to our Replicator or just after unboxing and trying to assemble the creature, but sooner or later you will have to write an email and ask information or spare pieces to who sold you the machine. 

Sometimes it’s a nice experience, sometimes it’s awful. You already are sad/annoyed/angry because your printer isn’t working and a good user support will brighten or darken your day. So here are our experiences so far, let me know yours!

Cb-printer: I’ll start easy, the error was theirs. We unpacked our box and inserted the dvd in the computer to watch the assembly instructions. But the dvd was empty, they simply forgot to burn it… We wrote to them on march 5 and on march 8 they told us they will be sending us the instructions. We are still waiting.

Makerbot: after working perfectly for months on one day we heard a pop, a bad smell and the printer was dead. We wrote immediately (feb 25) to Makerbot. They answered on the Feb 28 with instructions on how to verify what the damage could be, asking for details and possibly an image of the motherboard. We sent all info (shipping address, serial numbers, pictures) on march 1 and had the answer right away that Makerbot would be sending us a new motherboard and X endstop cable with instructions on how to assemble it. The motherboard has been shipped on march 6 and will reach our office today or tomorrow (march 11).  I loved their first answer:Fwd RE  MakerBot Industries Support Broken motherboard  ticket  98669  Inbox 1

Great support, would love to recommend it

Ultimaker: I already wrote about the problem we had in my assembly post and won’t get into details again. We bought the ultimaker in the period while they were upgrading from rev 2 to rev 3 and while assemblying our kit they made a mistake and sent us some pieces from one revision and some from the other. The pieces were incompatible and we just couldn’t build our printer without some help from them. Even though the mistake was obviously theirs (and we could easily document it with pictures) they answered that we should have filed any complains in the first 2 weeks after receiving the kits and we could now buy the spare pieces. NewImage

As you probably know it takes roughly 12-16h to assemble this kit, and not everyone has this kind of free time available in the first 14 days after receiving the shipment. So you should at least find the time to check if everything is in order and count all the pieces in the first 2 weeks, because ultimaker doesn’t care a thing about their costumer satisfaction and won’t help even though the mistake was clearly theirs. The only positive thing I can say about this is that after we’ve paid our 26€ plus shipping the parcel was extremely quick to arrive, and the printer is now working fine.

Based on the user support I would never recommend Ultimaker

What have been your experiences? 

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