As I was hinting before, I went on vacation in London, and just had to visit iMakr

IMG 0405

IMakr is the first physical 3D printing store and it opened at the beginning of may, it gained a lot of interest and the opening night was a real success.

Not precisely in the more tourist parts of London, anyhow the shop is easily reacheable with the tube (Farringdon station) and is worth a visit if you are a 3d fanatic like me.

IMG 0371

The store is not huge, but the owners have managed to show all the possible views of 3d printing. You can see many machines working, buy filament comparing the different results, see and buy objects printed out and designed by local artists and finally take your own projects to print out or attend to workshops.

Some of the printed out projects are the classical frog or octopus, but other’s are more original like this clock or the white armor designed by some art students.

IMG 0376IMG 0380

On display were a Solidoodle, a iRapid, a Leap frog, a Replicator and a couple of Up!.

IMG 0385


IMG 0398

Also the light fixtures were 3d printed, giving a very cozy but futuristic atmosphere.

IMG 0367

The two guys I talked with were very enthusiastic with the possibilities that this new technology may give and explained me how all kinds of people drop by in their shop: designers, curious guys, people wanting to take workshops or just wanting to see with their own eyes how the printer works before buying it.

IMG 0397

IMG 0396

Definitely worth a visit it probably is the only place where you can see and touch a 3d printer other than specific events, fab labs (still pretty rare) or science museums.

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