Higgs Potential in PLA

When scientist pass by and ask us some mathematical objects it’s always the most interesting (and worrying!) moment. This time we have been asked to print a Higgs potential equation AKA: the mexican hat…

So we did some search, and decided to try this particular equation (with the help of Davide, a physics passing by and curious about 3D printing that was enslaved here for a few hours to solve this particular problem)

(x^2+y^2)^2-2*(x^2+y^2)-z = 0

We used K3DSurf


and exported the OBJ file.

First a low resolution version…

Screenshot 29 08 13 17 32

But then we decided to smooth it up all the way to have a better looking mexican hat (El Mariachi!!)

Screenshot 29 08 13 17 52

And on to Cura:

Layer height 0.2
Shell thickness 1mm
bottom/top thickness 0mm
fill density 0%
support type: touching buildplate
Platform adhesion type: Raft 

Screenshot 29 08 13 17 31

Awful result!!

IMG 2262

Carlo is working on a new version improved using Sketchup, let’s hope it comes out better!

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