Happy new year!

I had some fun fun programs for the end of the year, that involved going to Venice by car (roughly 2 hours from here), unpacking there our kayaks and passing the rest of the day with our friends near Venice on a small island you can only reach by boat. Fun, music, fondue some kayaking and the possibility to see my friends.

And then I had the smart idea to catch a terrible flue and I’m stuck in bed with high fever and coughing most of the time.


Luckily I’m feeling a little bit better now, so I’ll get sushi for dinner, and Carlo is taking home the 3d printer his office has bought to unpack and assemble.

 It’s a Portabee, completely unassembled this time, so it will be a fun night of sushi and 3d assembly, it’s not that bad in the end ;) I’ll keep you updated!


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