getting ready for Trame

Luckily the office has air conditioning, because we are printing like mad and the temperature outside is awfully hot!

On the 2-4 of august we have been invited to the science exhibition Trame, organized by the local science museum and we will be showing our printers and the laser scanner.

IMG 1402

We have been playing a lot with skanect (I will write a post just on that) and the results are great. We will be setting up a 3d scanning place, and will have to find a way of sending the files to the participiants (40-50mb) without loosing our minds ;)

Screenshot 25 07 13 08 58

we will also bring all our printers and have some 30 min lessons on sketch up, K3DSurf and Sculptris (but we are also having a look at Leopoly to see if it’s easier) and we are printing lots of objects in the red and white colors of the axhibition to display. 

IMG 1493

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