Geometrical figures from George Hart

As for the researcher’s night we will have various scientist showcasing their work, we wanted to rovide some geometrical structures that could be shown during their presentations.

We reached George Hart’s web page, and though some of the structures are only printable with a professional 3D printer, others are really intriguing and we just dove in.

Right now the Replicator is munching on the Menger Sponge, we chose to try the version that is divided in two sections so the inner structure can be visible. 

Menger3 half stl

printed in neutral ABS
resolution Standard (10% infill, 1 shell, 0,20mm layer height)

The result is not bad at all, but I will print the next on on the other side (with the “star” on the bottom) so as to limit the overhangs that look awful…

IMG 2540

IMG 2541

The Ultimaker is working on an open-faced rhombic triacontahedron nested inside another one. The author has succesfully printed on on a Cupcake, so it should not be that difficult (hopefully!)

Cura 13 03 Users gaya Documents Makerbot 3D george hart nested rombo stl

Cura 13.03

Blue PLA
Layer height 0.2mm
Wall thickness 0.4mm
bottom top thickness 2mm
fill density 10%
printing temperature 210°
raft, no support
exstimated print time 1.40h 

Started out fine but we had to add something to keep the inner object in the same prosition because the hot end kept moving it slightly. A brush that was handy was the perfect solution.

IMG 2526

IMG 2528

2.30h later we had the finished object, though some parameters should be changed. A bit more plastic flow, and another external fan to make the plastic harden more quickly to avoid the overhangs. And I used Cura 13.03 and the raft looks awful and I can’t get it off..

IMG 2538

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