from math to plastic to steel :)

Finally I managed to obtain my very own jewelry piece from a mathematical function :)

I blogged about it in april, and talked about it on the ebook and during the workshop

My first experiment sending it on imaterialise was a failure, they sent me a message after a couple of weeks saying that it contained errors and could not be printed. Lesson learned: FFF machines are easier on the small errors in the mesh. I corrected it and sent it again to shapeways and after 15 days I had my small box :)

IMG 9562

IMG 9563

IMG 9564

IMG 9565

IMG 9692

I LOVE how it turned out: the surface has a very nice finish, the size is adorable, it has a good weight and looks fabulous.

In the end I chose gold plated glossy, it’s 3,9 cm long and I payed 39€ (including the shipping costs).


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