FIAT LUX – Let there be light

For my first big scaled print I need an old fashioned introduction, and what could be more appropriate than a phrase right from the Bible? Just joking, but it really was a long journey to reach the point when I could send a big object to print with some optimism ;)

I have been admiring the things Dizingof designs since the first time I stepped in thingiverse, but they really are challenging and most need a big print space to turn out nicely. So my adorable TOM couldn’t be of any help, and the other printers in the lab just weren’t up to the challenge till now. Finally I tried this gorgeous lamp on the Ultimaker, the drop of light

IMG 8421IMG 8422

We chose the transparent PLA from ultimaker, and let me say it adds to the beauty of the lamp. It looks great when unlit, and wonderful when you light it up… Sliced with Cura, I just changed the wall thickness to 1.5mm (could be also a bit less but I didn’t want it to break too easily) and in the expert setting I chose line as an infill pattern.

It took almost 6 hours, we could have sped up the print but weren’t so brave ;)

I had no led light of the right diameter to use so I gave it a go with some christmas lights with a battery pack. The result is perfect, but I will have to buy a normal led light in the future. I was thinking, if I add some letters on the outer or inner surface, do you think they would look good when lit up?

IMG 8442

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