Cura with Printrbot!

Wonderful news, now Cura works with all Printrbots :)

The new version of Cura (14.07) has finally decided to add all Printrbot’s to the initial setup wizard, so when you install it for the first time it just asks which printer you have, and configures everything accordingly.

Though this already made my day (as I was having horrible problems connecting my Kubuntu based laptops with the printrbots) I still had the problem of how to manually change filament, move the print head and so on, as my printrbots don’t have controllers like the ultimaker.

But searching the web I found you can very easily add a Pronterface UI to Cura, and happily change filament, check temperatures and so on :)

Just hop on File-Preferences and choose the Printing window type. 

Preferences 2014 07 17 10 56 19 2014 07 17 10 58 38

Next time you hit the “Print with USB” you will have a cute little Pronterface window (ooooh, old memories!)


Just another note: In the initial settings for Printerbot simple, maker kit 2014 the nozzle is set at 0.4mm, check if it really is so as the size has been changed various times. I found this handy note on the Printrbot forum


The Getting Started Guide says that all Printrbots currently ship with 0.4mm nozzles.
The convention for identifying nozzles is based on notches (or “rings”) cut into the sides (vertices) of the hexagonal brass “nut”.
No notch = 0.5mm
1 notch = 0.4mm
2 notches = 0.35mm


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