Cura: no top and empty prints!

After quite a long time I had to print out something with Cura, and all my prints turned out horribly: thin walls, no top, no infill. I just couldn’t remember what I printed the last time with that software and how I had changed the settings. And unfortunately Cura has n’t got a “revert to default settings” option.

I checked the obvious menu choices: the infill was correct, I had a top thickness and in the expert settings I had already checked Solid infill top and bottom. But the prints continued to turn out empty and flimsy, even though I had installed the new version of Cura hoping it started out with default settings (no, it doesn’t, yuck).

And then I finally spotted the Spiralize option. Previously I though it was active only when choosing a 0 infill but I found out it overrides all other menu options.

So just beware: if your prints turn out strangely empty and without the top, check in the expert settings if the spiralize option is highlighted. Sometimes the solution is just too easy to be easily spotted ;)


Expert config

PS: I just saw that in the version 14.01 of Cura (and maybe also in previous ones) there is a “reset profile to default” so if all goes wrong, this is certainly something to try out :)


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