Chi non risica non rosica….

Sorry for the italian title, but I had no good translation for it. It should be something similar to “only the brave…”

Not Connected  ReplicatorG  0040 1

So here I am, with my cellular lamp on my ReplicatoG…. I’m pretty sure it won’t print out well, but I really have to try it and today is the perfect day because I have NO plans on going out and I must work by my desk all day long.

So, dear cellular lamp, here I come.

I have downscaled it to 0.64 just because it’s the biggest measure that can fit on my TOM, 

now it’s happily churning away with my white PLA…

IMG 6960

and not turning out nice :(

IMG 6962

So. it certainly would have turned out decent it just I had some additional ventilation.

I would have let it finish but I was so dumb as to close the laptop while it was printing and this is the result.


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