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Cheers to Klein!

  Not 1 but 2 klein bottles were printed right before the workshop. Both with the ultimakers, 150% and 100% the actual size UPDATE: Designed by Dizingof, now the pattern is sadly not available anymore…

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FIAT LUX – Let there be light

For my first big scaled print I need an old fashioned introduction, and what could be more appropriate than a phrase right from the Bible? Just joking, but it really was a long journey to reach the point when I … Continue reading

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Makerbot, Ultimaker and Cb printer: customer support comparison

3d printers are fun, but you will eventually have problems and will have to write to the customer support to solve them. Maybe after months of faithful usage like it happend to our Replicator or just after unboxing and trying … Continue reading

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ultimaker assembly: day 2 and detailed explanation of why they have an awful costumer support!!!

Here we are again, ready for the last 2 sections, what we weren’t ready for was the surprise of the missing parts and the horrible behavior of the Ultimaker staff, but let’s explain things in order. Sixth section: Material feeder … Continue reading

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ultimaker assembly: day 1

Ready, steady go!  The wiki is extremely accurate and full of pictures, so let’s start building our ultimaker  The first section is for the frame, and these are the pieces we need. Most of the frame is built using this … Continue reading

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3d Lab in ICTP!

Yesterday the new 3d lab in Ictp was inaugurated, with a huge participation of people interested in finally seeing this new technology with their own eyes. In Italy 3d printing is still not that well known, and it is pretty … Continue reading

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