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TOM to the rescue

Finally I had some time to try and understand why my Thing-O-Matic is acting weirdly. Something is wrong with the connector to the heated plate, so it just shuts down after some time because it overheats. But PLA now works … Continue reading

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printer’s problems

Back to the usual office, we are forced to face the problems with our makerbots… My Thing o Matic has been acting wierdly in the last months, but I had too much to do to take my time to fix … Continue reading

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Testing the printers

After moving all the printers to the new lab, we are obviously re-calibrating them and testing that everything is ok  The Printrbot is working fine, after some extensive tuning done by Jonathan The 2 ultimaker’s are up and working, printing … Continue reading

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3d Lab in ICTP!

Yesterday the new 3d lab in Ictp was inaugurated, with a huge participation of people interested in finally seeing this new technology with their own eyes. In Italy 3d printing is still not that well known, and it is pretty … Continue reading

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cuddling owls

Time to try again 2 nice little owls by mooses Scaled it down to a tiny 22mm size, I have some tuning to do but it never stopped extruding and that’s already a success The details on the feathers and … Continue reading

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I’m dreaming of a white…christmas

How about some christmas 3d ornaments? I started with a standard snowflake just to be certain things were working fine. 0 shells, 40% infill, designed by beauturner Then on to a stranger one, the Gangnam style one, designed by manixx. … Continue reading

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Chi non risica non rosica….

Sorry for the italian title, but I had no good translation for it. It should be something similar to “only the brave…” So here I am, with my cellular lamp on my ReplicatoG…. I’m pretty sure it won’t print out … Continue reading

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Led Christmas tree

Trasnparent PLA is terribly cool because it goes well with LED lights Just had to try and print out this tree that needs a small led throwie afterwards…. But sadly my machine started shifting again and twice I had to … Continue reading

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Bigger on the inside…

Tardis pin by cymon Tardis pendant always by cymon! because the angels have a phone box!   Dark blue PLA from faberdashery and light blue from reprapworld The dark blue one is definitely a better quality, I tried lowering the … Continue reading

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ok? ko!

Carlo has been repeatedly printing the ok hand after seeing it on display at one of the booths of the 3d printshow in London. Paul Candler was present and showing some incredibly detailed works made using Netfabb with a 20 micron … Continue reading

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