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Getting ready for the 3d workshop…

Moving printers…. Furniture… And setting up!

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3d objects repositories (with an interest in frogs)

Well we HAVE to start with thingiverse, right? And my chosen frog here is drawn by MorenaP and has been printed multiple times looking really great. No need to sign up on thingiverse, you just browse the huge archive and … Continue reading

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on the local news :)

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Makerbot, Ultimaker and Cb printer: customer support comparison

3d printers are fun, but you will eventually have problems and will have to write to the customer support to solve them. Maybe after months of faithful usage like it happend to our Replicator or just after unboxing and trying … Continue reading

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3d Lab in ICTP!

Yesterday the new 3d lab in Ictp was inaugurated, with a huge participation of people interested in finally seeing this new technology with their own eyes. In Italy 3d printing is still not that well known, and it is pretty … Continue reading

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Ultimaker and cb printer unboxing

It’s time for some unboxing and some serious assembly!! We are working hard to get everything ready for the 3d Workshop that will be held in ICTP in may, and we have some new printers to assemble for the occasion. … Continue reading

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Nervous system

The thing I love of 3d printing is the possibility to create stuff that would be (almost) impossible otherwise. Though making substituting parts when something breaks or personalizing things sure if fun (and useful) the real deal for me is … Continue reading

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new arrival ;)

And now the printrbot jr has arrived at Carlo’s office, so I can have fun helping him unpack it and setting it up. I’ll come back soon for the unboxing reportage

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So what about it?

So, what is all this 3D printing mania REALLY about?? If you want to get an idea on what you are missing out, just download and read this nice little booklet that Jasonwebb has designed for beginners. You will find … Continue reading

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