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3D printed bike accessories

My favorite 3d printed object s are the adapters, small incredibly useful objects that lets us use stuff we alrteady have in new and improved ways. And on Carlo’s bike now is fully fitted with 3d printed stuff Tail light … Continue reading

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Printing printers!

The self-replicating printer is always something people are fascinated with, and many of the visitors that drop by our lab are fascinated by the small Porta-bee that has most of it’s pieces printed out.  We are not yet printing a … Continue reading

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Printing the bricks of life…and matter

As I was tellng in the last post we are getting ready for a science fair, and we have been choosing objects to print that are suitable. What can be more suitable than the basis of life? I already printed … Continue reading

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Makerbot, Ultimaker and Cb printer: customer support comparison

3d printers are fun, but you will eventually have problems and will have to write to the customer support to solve them. Maybe after months of faithful usage like it happend to our Replicator or just after unboxing and trying … Continue reading

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3d Lab in ICTP!

Yesterday the new 3d lab in Ictp was inaugurated, with a huge participation of people interested in finally seeing this new technology with their own eyes. In Italy 3d printing is still not that well known, and it is pretty … Continue reading

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ok? ko!

Carlo has been repeatedly printing the ok hand after seeing it on display at one of the booths of the 3d printshow in London. Paul Candler was present and showing some incredibly detailed works made using Netfabb with a 20 micron … Continue reading

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