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Future scientists

And yet another visit to our lab (though this time we moved the printers to the bigger lecture room to be able to accomodate everyone). This time we had a group of future young scientists, these guys are going to … Continue reading

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Muse 3D printing

Our book has been spotted at the new science museum of Trento, the MUSE!! The organizers say it has been very useful for them, so many italians will be happy to know that the first chapters (basic how to on … Continue reading

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Carrying on a legacy

Very frequently people stop by our lab and want to see what’s going on, and we are always happy to show things around but sometimes, we have very special guests… This was what happened a couple of weeks ago when … Continue reading

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Assembling the Dual extruder on the Ultimaker

Here we are, ready to start assembling the dual extruder, Luckily the wikilooks as good as the original one, and we are optimistically following it Part 1:Disassembling For the assembly of the complete ultimaker we almost only had to use … Continue reading

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3d printing at Susy

Today the International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions (also known as SUSY) starts at ICTP, and almost 400 scientists will be present to discuss their theories. Our lab will be open for all guests who are interested in … Continue reading

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Printing the bricks of life…and matter

As I was tellng in the last post we are getting ready for a science fair, and we have been choosing objects to print that are suitable. What can be more suitable than the basis of life? I already printed … Continue reading

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we have the ibook

It really took a long time (partially our fault taking our time collecting all the relevant material, partially because of the loong wait for itunes to approve it) but it is now available: you can download the ibook version of … Continue reading

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the Solidoodle is here

Finally, after an extremely long wait for the shipment and for the duty complications, we received the solidoodle Unpacking time! First impressions: we chose the expert version: the base model just has the acrilc bed for 499$, the pro model … Continue reading

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third day at the workshop

The third and last day of the 3D workshop was mainly devoted to hands-on activities, where the participants were able to try the techniques learned, slice and print their own objects.   Right before lunch I had my occasion to … Continue reading

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random prints

Just a gallery of some random stuff printed on the various 3d printers. All of them come from thingiverse  

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