Carrying on a legacy

Very frequently people stop by our lab and want to see what’s going on, and we are always happy to show things around but sometimes, we have very special guests…

This was what happened a couple of weeks ago when none other than a son of Abdus Salam dropped by with all his family. As you might know Abdus Salam, Nobel prize, founded ICTP in 1964 and you can see many portraits of him in the various campus buildings.

IMG 2202

His son Ahmad Salam works in a completely different field but has kept ICTP at heart and visits it when possible to see the institute his father has founded and where he is remembered with great respect and gratitude. In this occasion he had his whole family with him and he managed to visit the 3D lab, one of the newest additions to ICTP. His sons and daughters were obviously very excited with the 3d scans and wanted to have all their scans taken and printed. We were glad to do it, and only the youngest girl was left out because she was too small to be able to stand still for the time needed.




Ahmed Salam was very happy to visit the laboratory and hear of the various fields of application of 3D printing. While looking at our replica of a Calabi-Yau surface he was impressed and told us that his father would have been thrilled to have in his hands something that he could only have figured in his head. He also thanked us, explaining that this is something Abdus Salam would have been excited about, and that we were indeed bringing on his father’s legacy.

His words filled me with pride. I really hope with my efforts here to help some scientist that passes through or reads our book and these post to have some great idea that might change the lives of many, like the founder of ICTP Abdus Salam did.

SDU 012


SDU 018

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