Calabi – Yau

Probably one of the objects that gave us more problems to print, we have tried several times in PLA but sometimes nothing beats ABS…

The Calabi-Yau manifold is a complex manifold frequently used in superstring theory. The original file was sent to us by professor Oliver Knill and was built in Mathematica for 3D printing. You can see a video made by him of the various surface parameters changing with the angle rotation.

We tried printing it several times in PLA, with or without support, but the results were always disappointing… We finally decided to try with ABS, and sliced the model (that had to be heavily corrected with mesh lab) with Makerware. Infill 15%, layer height 0,15mm, raft and support.

21 hours later….

IMG 2219IMG 2218IMG 2223IMG 2222

The third orange version stopped midway and we kept it to show how the support structure is made

IMG 2225

IMG 2226

Now the only problem is that every scientist that sees it wants to have one!!!

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