Caffeine makes the world go round…

Friday will be the researchers night, and we have been preparing with the scientists to give them visual support for their speeches and with Perpetual plastic that will be present to recycle the cups and produce filament and 3d printed objects.

When setting up their print factory in the Netherlands they usually recycle PLA beer cups, but we had the occasion to collaborate with Illy caffe and PLA is not suitable for hot beverages, so we moved to traditional PS, Polystyrene.

We are very excited for this project, and hope things will work smoothly. We probably should get more sleep, but the time schedule is tight so we are going for huge amounts of caffeine, real or plastic one ;)


C8H10N4O2 (Caffeine) by TheKirkMiller

printed in PLA on Ultimaker,

smaller version printed in PLA on my TOM, just 8 min and I have a new necklace for friday night :)

 IMG 2780

and Caffeine Molecule – 3D Ball & Stick Representation by Muonic

this was tricky, printed in PLA on Ultimaker, playing a lot with the orientation.  Support everywhere, brim (raft didn’t stick enough)Cura  13 06 5

IMG 2788

Doesn’t look that good as the support structure left a horrible surface…

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