Back to Italy and lots of news!

So yesterday we came back to Italy after the great 3dprint show we attended to in London. I still have to show you a ton of pictures (from the art exhibition, the catwalk, the various stands, scans…) but as soon as I reached home I started to empty my mailbox and there are so many interesting things I have to share that I will postpone all the rest and dig right in.

  1. MAKE has released it’s new Guide to 3D printing!! We will have to wait a bit to have our hands on a paper copy but we will certainly buy the digital version. And you can go right now and check their 3D printer testing results. The PrintrBot Simple got Best value (and as it’s one of the printers we use and recommend it’s a big satisfaction) and The solidoodle has been rated “Buyer Beware”. Again we can vouch in, we never managed to get much out of it!
  2. Makerbot Academy Math Manipulative Challenge: a new Challenge by makerbot that aims to gain math manipulatives suitable for teaching visual math to kids K-12. As we are always looking into 3d printing and education we are sooo looking forward to the results of this challenge. Hope to see some good stuff coming up!
  3. African fossils has a new website from which you can download 3d models to print out on your 3d printer! More to come on this topic as we are proud to be “partners” in this effort to take prehistoric fossils in all the schoolsAfrican Fossils
  4. We got our hands on the book “Getting Started with MakerBot” and will talk about it soon and we are looking forward to two new books on 3D printing that will be released shortly (unfortunately only in german at least at the beginning).
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