3d Scans

After a long long time, here I am again :)

A huge thanks to my friend Gregor that poked me asking how come I wasn’t posting anymore. The reason is simple, I changed job and while I still work with 3D printing I have also other things to carry on so blogging just slipped away. But I’ll try to update sometimes, I have a huge amount of things to show and have been working on many exciting projects.

Today for instance I have to print out some scans we made saturday of kids that had their birthday on the same day as our Science museum, right now Giacomo is on the printbead, then it’s the turn of Marcello, Savita and Sara :)  

Cura  14 03 2014 06 23 12 00 32 2014 06 23 12 00 37

The scans were taken using a Kinect and Skanect software.

2014 06 23 12 07 33 2014 06 23 12 07 53


2014 06 23 12 08 47 2014 06 23 12 08 49

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