3d scanners comparison

Right now at the lab we have 3 scanners: Fabscan, the digitizer and the kinect sensor with Skanect software. Today we will have a demo of all 3 of them and I am very frantically trying them all to check if everything is fine.

I grabbed this skull Louise Leakey gave us that has been made with cardboard pieces and this is the result. The screenshots come from the software of the scanner, meshlab and Cura just to see a rendering on how it would really print. I could not use Fabscan because of the size of the object, it can’t fit in the scanner. In the end small objects can fit in Fabscan but give problems to the kinect sensor that needs a certain amount of “geometries” to work, and the other way round. Digitizer manages objects of different sizes.

Skanect with kinect sensor:

Skanect 1MeshLab v1 3 2 64bit 1Cura  13 06 5 1

Makerware digitizer

Screen Shot 2013 10 24 at 11 46 20 AMScreen Shot 2013 10 24 at 11 47 42 AMScreen Shot 2013 10 24 at 11 48 26 AM


Skanect completely lost all the texture of the skull, giving a smooth finish to the object. On the other hand Digitizer saw all the small crevices but closed up the bottom of the skull because the shadows cast on the bottom were seen as part of the object.

Just a very very quick comparison, but as there are not pictures of objects scanned with the various scanners online I thought it might be interesting. Will domore in the next days.


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