3d Lab in ICTP!

Yesterday the new 3d lab in Ictp was inaugurated, with a huge participation of people interested in finally seeing this new technology with their own eyes. In Italy 3d printing is still not that well known, and it is pretty rare to have to possibility to see these machines and ask questions about their use. 

IMG 7953

IMG 7937

Ultimaker almost completely assembled (review and detailed assembly problems soon!) and another Ultimaker kit ready to start.

IMG 7955

My Thing-o-Matic from Makerbot (“lent” to the lab only for that day, working wonderfully all day long)

IMG 7957

The cb printer, fully functional and also working all day long perfectly (after some extensive tuning!)

IMG 7947

And a second cb printer kit, on which we will work very soon.

IMG 7952

A porta bee (the one we assembled earlier, part 1 and part 2)

IMG 7982

A printrbot jr, also doing it’s job pretty nicely

IMG 7962

And sadly, the non-working Replicator. A couple of days ago it made a strange sound (and a very bad smell!!) and died. Some search showed us that it is a well known issue and the fault is of a dead 5V regulator. We are waiting for news from Makerbot as it should still be under warranty.

IMG 7963

There was a huge interest and lots of questions about the materials, prices and possible use of the printers for each and every purpose.

IMG 7980

IMG 7993

IMG 7984

And the event was also accompanied by some shortbread cookies made by me using some 3d printed cookie cutters with shapes that only theoretical physicists would appreciate ;)

IMG 7974IMG 7945

ICTP is also organizing a workshop in may, to explore the use of 3d printing for science and education, with particular interest in developing countries and sustainable development. All information can be found on their website.

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