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Temporary FabLab Udine

Our friend Ivan Bortolin asked us to participate to the 3d moment at the temporary FabLab in Udine, but this time we did not take printers with us but just 3d scanners while Ivan brought his Mendel Max. We now … Continue reading

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Filastruder: lets start assemblying!

Finally the filastruder kit arrived, and we are really curious to build it and see if it's th solution to our recycling problems. It comes with a sticker with the serial number to attach to it, a nice touch I … Continue reading

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3d scanners comparison

Right now at the lab we have 3 scanners: Fabscan, the digitizer and the kinect sensor with Skanect software. Today we will have a demo of all 3 of them and I am very frantically trying them all to check … Continue reading

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Printing skulls

The files have been provided by Louise Leakey, and the 3d rendering is visible on the website african fossils. First experiment: skull KNEMER1813 Makerware, PLA, standard settings It was printing fine but halfway through the object got separated from the … Continue reading

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Voice 2 Sign Language Prototype

I still have to tell you so much about the maker faire in Rome! It has been an incredibly interesting occasion to see and learn. We also brought a small project Jonathan and Enrique have been working on, with the … Continue reading

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Pordenone Scienzarteambiente

And another time we packed the 3d printers to carry them to a science exhibition. It’s Scienza-arte-ambiente, a very nice science fair held in Pordenone since 2005. Carlo had the opportunity to present “Wired”, the documentary filmed by Nicole Leghissa on … Continue reading

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Green 3d printing

We got to meet the guys behind Perpetual Plastic project at the workshop in may, and were so fascinated by their idea that we managed to invite them for the researchers night that took place at the beginning of october. … Continue reading

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I’m always looking for nice stuff that can be shown at the various science fairs, and when I saw on thingiverse this Chalcopyrite, I knew it was perfect! We tried printing it with the Ultimaker without success, but it turned … Continue reading

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Assembly: FabScan by Wetterott (my personal instruction guide!)

One of the things we found at Makerfaire Rome and were eager to try is the FabScan 3d scanner by Wetterott. It comes in a kit, and is really cheap (126€). So we bought the kit and assembled it a … Continue reading

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Maker Faire Rome

It feels like I’ll be blogging on things seen, bought or learned at the maker faire for the next months, such an exciting experience it was! We’ve seen the most incredible stuff: 3d printers that print plastic, marble powder, clay, new … Continue reading

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