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A fancy bracelet

Makerware High profile infill 15% number of shells 3 layer height 0,10 Total disaster!! Probably problems with the slicing, but also all the rest came out horribly. Yuck, will need to find the time to try again…

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3d printing survey, 2013

The results for the 3d printing survey are out, and you can go have a look at all the interesting info that they provide. My hope was for more “pink” 3d printer users, and I’m happy to announce that we … Continue reading

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Caffeine makes the world go round…

Friday will be the researchers night, and we have been preparing with the scientists to give them visual support for their speeches and with Perpetual plastic that will be present to recycle the cups and produce filament and 3d printed … Continue reading

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Math is always lurking somewhere

We have been printing like mad these days to prepare objects for the researchers night, and some of them will be used by the scientists at ICTP as a visual help while explaining their fields of study to the schools … Continue reading

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The meaning of support!

Just a couple of pictures of some mathematical objects we have recently printed out to show you how support is crucial and what it looks like. Seifert surface based on the Borromean rings: again from George Hart’s page. Printed in … Continue reading

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Geometrical figures from George Hart

As for the researcher’s night we will have various scientist showcasing their work, we wanted to rovide some geometrical structures that could be shown during their presentations. We reached George Hart’s web page, and though some of the structures are … Continue reading

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fancy eyeglasses!

Customizable Word Glasses by leoedin Unluckily both pins connecting the arms broke when trying to connect them… Maybe more infill? Replicator Dualwhite ABS Makerware standard settings (infill 10%, number of shells 2, layer height 0,20mm) Raft! (otherwise the small letters drift … Continue reading

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Raspberry pi case

One of the various cases on thingiverse, this one is designed by DAmesberger.  Printed with the Ultimaker using PLA

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Muse 3D printing

Our book has been spotted at the new science museum of Trento, the MUSE!! The organizers say it has been very useful for them, so many italians will be happy to know that the first chapters (basic how to on … Continue reading

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