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How to generate printable 3D geographical maps

When I first met Gregor Lütolf at the 3d workshop in Triest I started pestering him to explain me how he generated his detailed 3d maps that he then printed on his Ultimaker. For various reason I have worked with cartographers … Continue reading

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3d printing survey

It’s once again time to fill in the 3d printing survey!! And please, let’s get more involved ladies, last year only 20 of us answered, and I’m certain there are more 3d printing ladies out there. Because remember: there … Continue reading

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printer’s problems

Back to the usual office, we are forced to face the problems with our makerbots… My Thing o Matic has been acting wierdly in the last months, but I had too much to do to take my time to fix … Continue reading

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Our 3d scans at Trame

The science fair has ended, we scanned 120 participants that can be now viewed on our website We used Scanekt, and it worked almost all the time fine, although at some point it crashed the computer and we had … Continue reading

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Chalcopyrite Crystal Structure

This time it was Ilaria who found the courage to try printing this one, we were skeptical… But it turned out great! A Chalcopyrite Crystal structure by Muonic On Replicator dual, with PLA, standard settings, raft and support

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second day at Trame!

The second day at the science fair was exhausting but very satisfactory. We chose to focus our short trainings on math and fashion, showing people many interesting uses of 3D printing for design, jewellry, art… We had alook at software … Continue reading

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Higgs Potential in PLA

When scientist pass by and ask us some mathematical objects it’s always the most interesting (and worrying!) moment. This time we have been asked to print a Higgs potential equation AKA: the mexican hat… So we did some search, and decided … Continue reading

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Trame: the science exhibition. First day!

After a lot of printing and preparation, yesterday we moved the entire lab to the “Salone degli incanti”. The amount of stuff we had to pack and move was enormous, and I’m already trembling at the idea of moving it … Continue reading

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Lorentz attractor!

Thanks to the suggestions of Gregor, we managed to print a Lorentz attractor here too It’s not perfect because some of the coils got fused together, but it’s really nice to look at and the scientist here were very pleased … Continue reading

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