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sad news, thingiverse loosing one of his best designers

It really is not a fresh piece of information, but I just found out this morning and a quick search on the web didn’t give me a lot of material, so I decided to write a post to give my … Continue reading

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Printing the bricks of life…and matter

As I was tellng in the last post we are getting ready for a science fair, and we have been choosing objects to print that are suitable. What can be more suitable than the basis of life? I already printed … Continue reading

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getting ready for Trame

Luckily the office has air conditioning, because we are printing like mad and the temperature outside is awfully hot! On the 2-4 of august we have been invited to the science exhibition Trame, organized by the local science museum and … Continue reading

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A world of Science (Unesco magazine)

Just a quick note to show you the article on the new issue of “A World of Science” on our 3d printing workshop.   You can download all the magazine here, and have a look also at all the other … Continue reading

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printing useful stuff

Sometimes you print fancy objects, sometimes just plain useful ones. The guys of the building maintainance askd us help to fix the panel walls needed to divide a bigger room. These were connected by some metal pieces, that snapped in … Continue reading

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we have the ibook

It really took a long time (partially our fault taking our time collecting all the relevant material, partially because of the loong wait for itunes to approve it) but it is now available: you can download the ibook version of … Continue reading

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