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Happy new year!

I had some fun fun programs for the end of the year, that involved going to Venice by car (roughly 2 hours from here), unpacking there our kayaks and passing the rest of the day with our friends near Venice … Continue reading

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trial and error…error…error

Christmas break! And some time to 3d print. Now the printrbot is finally working decently, with one pretty nice bolt and nut piece that screws up,after a lot of calibration cubes as you can see!   But finally it was the … Continue reading

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I’m dreaming of a white…christmas

How about some christmas 3d ornaments? I started with a standard snowflake just to be certain things were working fine. 0 shells, 40% infill, designed by beauturner Then on to a stranger one, the Gangnam style one, designed by manixx. … Continue reading

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Sweet sweet printing

There is always a lot of discussion on the plastics used for 3d printing and if they are really food safe or not. Well this time the food safety of the final product is certain, because we are talking sugar! … Continue reading

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the printrbot junior review

The printrbot jr is here, and although we had chosen the kit version we received a fully assembled one (probably because it was already available for shipment that version when we ordered). SO you won’t have the pleasure of seeing … Continue reading

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Nervous system

The thing I love of 3d printing is the possibility to create stuff that would be (almost) impossible otherwise. Though making substituting parts when something breaks or personalizing things sure if fun (and useful) the real deal for me is … Continue reading

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new arrival ;)

And now the printrbot jr has arrived at Carlo’s office, so I can have fun helping him unpack it and setting it up. I’ll come back soon for the unboxing reportage

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to the eagle’s rescue!

Is 3d printing really useful or is it just a novelty to print out small silly objects to clutter your desk? This really is the question, but it looks like the eagle of this story will definitely think it’s a … Continue reading

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new filament!

New 1.75mm filament arrived from Reprapworld, green, light blue, orange and natural It really is for Carlo’s Replicator but hopefully I’ll steal a few meters I’m seeing green Koch’s trees in the future…

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Chi non risica non rosica….

Sorry for the italian title, but I had no good translation for it. It should be something similar to “only the brave…” So here I am, with my cellular lamp on my ReplicatoG…. I’m pretty sure it won’t print out … Continue reading

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